I completely surrendered to life and here’s what happened.

For the past few years, I have been approaching life with a ‘just keep going’ and ‘get through it’ attitude.
Life gets busy right? And we go through things—in my case becoming a mum, my son not sleeping for four years, post-partum depression and a break up.
But for a while, something has felt out of alignment within me.
So I did something quite unusual…
I stopped.
My gym membership
My office membership
My social media
My emails
My thinking about ‘it all’
I let go of everything and completely surrendered to life.
You know that ice-breaker, trust exercise, where one of you has to trust and fall back into the arms of the other?
Well… like that. I am the one trusting and falling into the arms of life.
It has been blissful.
And some amazing things are happening.
The Universe has been speaking through people to answer my questions.
In my meditations I am receiving very clear messages about what’s next for me.
There is energy moving through me and releasing emotional blocks trapped in my body.
I have been spending a lot of time in nature and I have been brought to tears by its beauty.
At a time when my finances were rocky, the news was worrying and my future felt unclear, I fell back and allowed life to catch me.
What I wasn’t expecting was just how supported and held I would feel when I did.
Something is coming ALIVE in me like never before.
Breath by breath and piece by piece
I am finding deep, meaningful clarity.
Layout 19
In amongst what has been difficult, a new me has been emerging—I’m wondering if you have ever felt something similar?
Like the ‘skin’ you’ve been wearing no longer fits but the ‘new you’ hasn’t shown up yet?
I thought that something was out of alignment when in fact it was that the chrysalis I had woven becoming too tight.
The real me had arrived and she wanted to stretch her wings.
Layout 21
It is time to soar.
And I want you to fly with me.
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I’ll show you just how ALIVE you can really feel.

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