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I was face-down in child’s pose on my wine stained carpet, sobbing like an Italian widow at her husband’s funeral. My nose was drowning in liquid soul and I begged each tear to give me

“Is this it?”
“Who even am I?
“What will make me truly happy?”

I had been stuck for too long, in what felt like a happiness waiting-game where I was gamlbling my happiness on a distant point in the future.

Addicted to the high of expectation, I’d say, “I’ll be happy when I have that job”, or, “I’ll be happy when I have lost a few pounds”, or, “I’ll be happy when I meet someone”, only to discover that when I got there, it was NEVER ENOUGH.

I was in a low-paid job that sucked the soul out of me whilst also staying in an unfulfilling relationship for fear of not being settled down by 30. I hated myself and my body, resulting in chocolate binges and an inability to go out for just one drink. Not to mention how stuck in my head I was, worrying what others thought of me, when really I was the one insulting myself the most. I knew there was MORE OUT THERE for me, but I couldn’t put my finger on what that more was.

It’s hard to remember her now (that was 2010), yet I am thankful that she made one final gamble – paying for a life coach training course with her credit card.

It paid off.

Now I run a successful coaching business, with an ever-growing team of incredible coaches whilst living my best life in Ibiza – the location of my dreams – raising my son Archie-Rey with Roxy the toy poodle… rocking a body I love because I’m two stone lighter, no longer drinking, binging, obsessing, or living for a future that hasn’t happened yet.


Life is amazing, BUT I’ve come to learn that it’s not how your life looks that makes it amazing, it’s how you look at life that does.

Whilst face-down on my wine stained carpet,
I had my BIG ‘ah-ha’!

“YOU are the true source of your happiness”

And since then, as a Master certified life and business coach, motivational speaker and educator, I’ve been dedicated to exploring what makes me truly happy and helping others to do the same. One thing I know for sure is that your true self is happy, and no matter what desire you have for yourself in the future, discovering your true self first, is what creates the life you’re longing for.

If you feel like there’s more out there for you, it’s because there is.

Welcome to the place to find your MORE.

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