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Whether you want to engage your team, host a meaningful event or book a key-note, our
motivational talks, inspire positive change. All of our talks are an exploration into what makes us truly happy.


Feel like you’re searching for something more? Explore and find true-to-the-soul happiness with master coach and founder, Lydia Kimmerling. Find out how you can become the happiest person you know, with the tools and knowledge that empower you to a new level of success in work and life.
Lydia is not an authority on YOUR happiness. Only you can authorise how happy you are, but the question is, do you really know how to? It’s not how your life looks that makes it amazing, it’s how you look at life that does. Join Lydia for a fun, experiential and inspirational journey into what makes YOU truly happy.

More Happiness Now: For Work

Your work should make you happy, right? We disagree. Your work doesn’t make you happy, you make you happy. We expect our jobs to make us happy and why shouldn’t we, when on average we spend over 90,000 hours at work. So, it’s no surprise that when we feel discontent and stuck in life, most of us look to our work for answers. Feeling happy at work is important. In fact, studies show we are 12% more productive at work when we are happy. Doing work that sets your soul on fire and gives purpose and meaning to your life, is a big, fat, yes. We are all about that! But even a dream job has good and bad days, because that’s life. So what do you do when life happens? When bad days, happen? Join Lydia to learn how to authorise your happiness at work (and in life) so that you turn more bad days into good days, and bring your best self to work, everyday.

Lydia lives and breathes her message and is a true inspiration for how to live your happiest life.

– Katy Hill, Heart Radio Presenter

Some other topics we can talk for days on are:

Visualise Your Future

In this Happiness Exploration, you discover how to become a VISIONARY FOR YOUR LIFE, as you create an exciting vision for your future and learn how to stay happy and present in the now.

Raise Your Worth

In this Happiness Exploration, you discover how to become YOUR BIGGEST FAN, by raising your self-worth and value to be the person you love most in your life.

Take Action Now

In this Happiness Exploration, you discover how to become a FIERCE ACTION TAKER, by
overcoming procrastination and the self doubt that’s holding you back from moving forward.

Master Your Mind

In this Happiness Exploration, you discover how to become the RULER OF YOUR REALITY by taking five simple steps that breakthrough negative thinking, giving you control of your thoughts.

Own Your Power

In this Happiness Exploration, you discover how to become a FORCE FOR GOOD in your life by  saying no to what you don’t want and yes to more of what you do, without feeling guilty.

Trust The Unknown

In this Happiness Exploration, you discover how to become a SUPERSTAR GURU, by surrendering to the unknown and trusting your inner guidance system – the answers are within.

Lydia is the most INSPIRING person I’ve ever met. Hearing her speak helps me believe that
anything really is possible.

– Clare Watson, co-author of How To Be Gorgeous

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