How J-Lo Gave Me My Motivation Back

Where do we find our motivation? And how do we stay motivated?


I’m not going to lie, some days I can’t find the motivation to do certain tasks or chores, I feel physically drained, and I keep putting them off for another day.


Like exercise, I have not felt one bit motivated about my exercise for about 4 weeks now but then I start to feel it, I start to feel that urge, my body feels uncomfortable, and I know it wants to move and to get sweaty!


So, I’m beginning to acknowledge that ‘urge’, but you never know where your motivation is going to come from; you just need to be open to being motivated and it can show up in a really surprising way.


Completely out of the blue, I found myself scrolling on JLO’s Instagram page, and saw a video of her dancing on a boat in her bikini celebrating her 52nd birthday and, wow, she’s amazing.


And instead of comparing myself or being hard on myself, I really became energised by just looking at how much she was owning her amazing body and then click – that motivation came in for me in that moment because I was ready to receive it.


There was something else that I really took from JLO that landed for me – a lot of people were writing Happy Birthday Queen, and you could see that she was indeed exuding this queen energy and in turn, she was being treated like a queen.


And so, when you think about how you think about yourself when you put that energy out there into the world, this really is then how the world responds to you.


So, I also took on that mentality and asked myself how do I show up in my queen energy every single day?


How do I start to treat myself so that I too can feel like a queen?


So, I’ve been playing around with that, I’ve been looking at how I’m eating, how I’m exercising or how I’m thinking about myself and building from there and it’s been fun!

See the clip that inspired me in this video:



I’d love to hear from you.


Tell me, what or who motivates you?


Let me know in the comments below


Lydia xx




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