How To Quit Your Job (And Do What You Love)

Are you feeling stuck? Are you in a job that you feel no longer fulfilled in?


It happens to a lot of us. There was a time when we enjoyed what we did and we used to feel excited by it, but those feelings can fade, and you can start to think you need something different, you need a change and that’s ok.


You may have been thinking about leaving your job for some time, but you have no idea what you want to do next, how, or where to start or maybe you do know but have too many ideas and you can’t focus in properly to start achieving your goals.


Quitting your job isn’t easy. It is quite a scary thing to decide on, you can overthink it and get weighed down by external issues like your finances, your current job security, your self-belief, and thinking will you succeed. Sound familiar?


I know it’s hard. The main thing you want reassurance on is to know that you are making the right decision for your future and that everything is going to work out.


This needs to be a decision that you make for yourself. No one else can decide but you!


To help you figure things out; I’m going to ask you 3 questions to help give you some clarity.


Try to answer these with the first thing that comes to mind, say your answers out loud, write them all down or say them in your head (if you are somewhere public).


Question 1:

“If you didn’t need a plan to figure out exactly how you were going to leave your job and knew that you couldn’t fail, what would you love to do next?”


Think and focus on your first thought that has come into your mind after reading the question.


Don’t start putting up walls & limitations around it; don’t invite the doubt & negativity; just say it our loud and stop overthinking!


Now maybe you said you would love to write a book, or you would like to move to another country or start your own business; you could be thinking anything; it will be different for everyone, but it will most likely be something that someone else has done already. But that’s ok, that’s a good sign, that means that it is possible!


Question 2:

“If you were going to guess at what the first step would be for making the answer to question one a reality, what would your first step be?”


Again, don’t over complicate this just say it out loud the first thing that comes to your mind; focus on what you do know rather than what you don’t know, you don’t want to be getting lost in trying to figure it out, use the answers you already have within you.


Your first step should be really simple, you don’t have to go big, make it effortless.


Maybe you said you will look into & research the area/industry you want to work in or speak to a friend who has done it or something similar before; this is a great starting point because once you take that first step, then your next one will follow, and you will just continue to grow from there.


Now if your first thought was “I’ll quit my job”, that’s great but if that feels too scary and you’re still going to feel lost and procrastinate over that, it’s probably not your first step, we still need some kind of strategy even if it’s loose just to feel confident enough to leave.


Question 3:

“Imagine it’s three months from now and you took your first step and then the next step and so on. You’re ready to hand your notice in and start your next chapter. Your future self wants to give your present self some advice, what do they want to say?”


What does your present self need to hear from your future self to feel confident to take the steps you need to leave your job. Again, don’t overthink it, just say it out loud, write it all down. Listen to the advice that comes up for you!


So now after answering all three questions you should have a rough idea of the one thing you would love to do!


You have taken the complications away, you are shutting out the noise & are just focusing on the thing you love; you’ve got an idea of what your 1st step will be; and you know that once you take that 1st step more will follow and you are starting to create a bit of a strategy; one where you don’t have to quit your job straight away but one that you are working towards and your future self will thank you for it!


Did I always know I was going to be a life coach? No. ⁠


I changed my career 7 times before I turned 30!!


I have worked in many roles from an assistant television producer in London to owning my own restaurant in Panama, I was a hip hop teacher in Cornwall and now I’m a life coach, living in Ibiza so I’ve been where you’ve been and not only have I changed my career fearlessly over and over; I’ve helped loads of people just like you to do that as well.

And guess what?⁠ If you’re reading this and thinking that maybe you’d like to be a life coach too, you don’t have to have your whole life figured out to become a successful coach either.⁠

You just need one personality trait and a good course.⁠ Check out my article on how to become a successful life coach here.

I’d love to hear from you.


Get in touch if you have any questions.


Lydia. x




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