If you’re always busy, read this!

It’s that funny time of Christmas where we don’t always know what to do with ourselves. At the end of the year there is the natural desire to wind down, especially if you’re always busy, but what if you’re someone who is always busy and finds slowing down uncomfortable?

Can you find comfort in the discomfort? Stillness is your medicine.

If you’re still reading this then I believe it’s because your intuition is telling you that there might be something in this email for you. So I’m just going to come straight in with the big guns. Your busyness is hurting you. It’s a distraction from having to be with yourself.

Can you stop putting pressure on yourself? Everything is going to be OK.

I’ve uncovered a societal belief that is making life harder than it needs to be and that is; if you’re not being busy then you won’t be successful. Many of us have unconsciously subscribed to this belief and have trained ourselves to never stop. So what this means is that this frantic, chasing, fearful way of being, has become our normal. The problem… We tend to lean towards what feels familiar which means that quietening our inner to do list, breathing slowly and just being still feels uncomfortable, because it’s not what we know.

What are you afraid of?Make today the day that you let go.

But you can’t just stop. You can’t just take a minute to breathe. You can’t just be still because…

What if you fail?
What if everything falls apart?
What if you forget something?
What if you’re not good enough?

Inner stillness will make you fearless. Come home to yourself.

When we are always busy it’s because we are trying to find ourselves in all of the busyness. There’s a hidden drive which is the search for more happiness and we believe that getting everything done or ‘getting there’ is going to make us happy—except it can quite often steal more of your happiness and replace it with emptiness. Do you ever have an empty feeling that you can’t fill? If you answered yes, there’s no shame in this feeling. Thank you for allowing yourself to be vulnerable and truthful. I have had this feeling too. I tried to fill it will more work, more chocolate, more alcohol, more exercise, more social invites or more clothes… but it didn’t work.Because the feeling I was seeking, the inner fulfilment, inner peace and inner success I wanted, was within me. I just had to be still to feel it.


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