Lydia Kimmerling

Shift the paradigm of your business and leadership by putting your energy at the heart of it all.

Harness your inner wisdom

You understand your business or leadership role inside out, and you're not here for standard strategies; you're here for an extraordinary approach.

Welcome to a transformative opportunity crafted exclusively for visionary business leaders like you, ready to transcend conventional practices and ascend into a higher conscious, fourth-dimensional framework. 


Now picture this...

Your performance is spiritually aligned and deeply rooted in your soul's purpose, ensuring that who you are being resonates with your true self and brings deep satisfaction and reward.


When fully aligned, your energy becomes the magnet for perfect-for-you opportunities and abundance. It holds your greatest potential as an entrepreneur, change-maker, and creator, guiding each step toward becoming the visionary leader you were born to be.


It’s time to align your energy, unlock your highest potential, and embark on a journey where business and spirituality converge to redefine success on your terms. This is your invitation to a business and leadership metamorphosis – are you ready to answer the call?



Immerse yourself in a revolutionary experience of Quantum Energetic Resonance Activation. This isn't just about unlocking your potential; it's a recalibration of your entire being. Envision your unique energy seamlessly merging with the power of the universe, activating dormant codes that propel you towards unprecedented heights. As we deconstruct old paradigms, you'll feel your energy harmonising with your soul's purpose, generating a magnetic force that attracts opportunities and abundance tailored uniquely to your journey.


Imagine receiving personalised guidance directly from your higher self, your guides and high frequency intelligence. Connecting to high frequency divine consciousness transcends ordinary coaching, connecting you to the loving intelligence that shapes galaxies. These interactions are more than just check-ins; they are conversations connecting you deeply to your heart and highest perspective. The result? A harmonious blend of intuition and business acumen, elevating you into a league of visionary leaders rewriting the script of success.


Engage in the alchemy of heart-driven manifestation, where the ego steps back and the powerful heart centre takes the lead. Throughout the 6-month experience, you'll not only unlock the secrets of your energetic blueprint but also master the art of infusing every business move with the essence of your heart. This metamorphosis culminates in you embodying the archetype of a magical entrepreneur, capable of manifesting dreams into reality and leaving an indelible mark on the world.

Hi! I'm Lydia.

I believe that nobody should feel stuck in life, and you definitely don't have to be. If you're putting on a happy face while deep down sensing that something's missing, it can make you think you're never quite good enough – who you are, what you've got, and what you achieve.

Since 2010 I've been helping individuals who, despite outwardly successful lives, sense an inner emptiness, to discover genuine life satisfaction through a journey of self-discovery.

The Complete Self Method is a 3-step process that integrates coaching, energetics, and channeling to connect with your Unique Energetic Framework, unveiling hidden emotional blocks that create the illusion of inner-emptiness.

You can always have more and achieve more, but don't you just want to be happy? That's the secret to finally feeling fulfilled.




  • Deep Self-Discovery: I will be your spiritual guide, your cheerleader, your friend and healer, as together we navigate uncharted territories of self-discovery and empowerment, aligning your energy with your soul's purpose.
  • 18 x Energetic Activations: Enjoy personalised guidance from your higher self, guides, and high-frequency intelligence with three one-to-one sessions each month. These sessions will help shape both your daily decisions and long-term vision.

  • Practical steps and action: In between sessions you will be held accountable to the heart inspired action uncovered in session, so that you move towards your desired outcome with clarity, certainty and confidence. 

access to my dedicated team

  • 3 x Breathwork sessions: Over the course of six months, you'll tap into dormant energy by fostering a profound connection with your body, guided by my dedicated breathwork practitioner.
  • 3 x Shamanic soul retrieval sessions: You'll collaborate with my seasoned shaman to embark on a three-step soul journey, aimed at severing energetic ties and reclaiming any fragmented aspects of your soul that may be lost.
  • Personalised quantum meditations: Throughout our sessions, I'll incorporate meditative practices to facilitate profound discoveries. These sessions will be recorded and shared with you, providing timeless resources for your ongoing journey.


  • 2-Day integration time in Ibiza : During the program, we'll organise a two-day integration experience in Ibiza. We'll schedule this at the most suitable time, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature, enjoy seaside walks, and share meals together. These two half days will provide ample opportunity for relaxation and reflection, allowing everything to sink in.
  • The Soul Code 8-week programme: In the initial 8 weeks, you'll embark on my comprehensive 8-week online soul connection and meditation programme, in parallel with the main programme.

  • The Happiness Reset 7-day programme: Prior to beginning the programme, you'll engage in The Happiness Reset, my online course designed to uncover the six happiness blocks that may secretly sabotage your success.



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How it works.

The Complete Self Method has evolved from over 6000 hours of coaching and my personal journey to emotional freedom. This path included around 100 energy clearings that reset my nervous system and inner programming, allowing me to read energy.

This transformative system that blends coaching, energetics and channeling quickly exposes and dissolves hidden energy blocks, paving the way to reprogram your Unique Energetic Framework for inner completeness. This inner transformation then reflects externally, leading to genuine satisfaction.

No more running from yourself or seeking external validation for completeness. Envision a journey of full self-acceptance. The best part? This will not only bring you personal satisfaction but also pave the way to receive the most satisfying success, happiness, and love, with much more ease, as life mirrors your newfound inner contentment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

As a visionary business leader, you aspire to achieve extraordinary heights, fuelled by the energy of your soul's purpose. Your goal is to elevate yourself to unprecedented levels of success and accomplishment, embracing a new approach that differs from anything you've attempted before.

What's included?

6  Months of mentoring partnership

18 x 60-minute 1:1 sessions 

2-Day in person integration time in Ibiza (flights not included)

3 x Breathwork sessions

3 x Soul retrieval sessions

Personalised meditation recordings

Channelled wisdom and guidance available when needed

Unlimited contact and support — daily if so desired!

The Soul Code 8-week programme

The Happiness Reset 7-day programme

Cancellations and Refunds

There is a two-week cancellation and refund period starting from the date of your first payment. During this period, you will receive a full refund, minus a £500 deposit.

Lydia Kimmerling