How to Find Clients as a Life Coach

If you’re wondering how you will find clients as a life coach, in this blog I’m going to share some simple pointers that will show you it’s easier than you think, plus ten creative ideas for getting in front of your ideal client so that you can launch your business.

But first watch this video to learn how we help you to find clients on my 12-month, ICF accredited life coach certification.

What’s important to remember is that finding clients is all about building relationships. So whenever you find yourself worrying about this, or if this is holding you back from getting started, swap asking, ‘how will I find clients?’ for ‘how can I build relationships?’.

This is a much easier question for you to answer, because it’s something you have been doing your whole life. 

You know how to do this.


Here are just four very simple steps to building relationships so that you can find clients:

  1. Speak to people
  2. Get to know their concerns
  3. Listen and understand 
  4. See how you can be of service

It’s really not as complicated as you think and as long as there are people, you can do these four steps. And as someone who is interested in becoming a coach, I bet that you are the kind of person who is great at these four steps.

You see, finding clients isn’t the hard thing, but letting imposter syndrome get the better of you, can be. Which is why feeling confident that you can build relationships is something that we help you to overcome as soon as the course gets started.

As soon as you’re ready to start working with people (which we encourage from around 20/25 hours of experience), it’s all about asking yourself, ‘how can I get in front of people?’.

I’ve put together a list of ten great ideas for launching your business and getting in front of people, so that you can build relationships and get paying clients.

These are all tried and tested strategies that I have used myself and many of our students have used.

10 creative ideas to find clients and launch your business

1: Start a coffee morning at your home or online

2: Ask to speak at the workplace of your friends

3: Do a live Instagram series

4: Offer a free webinar or masterclass

5: Ask your yoga teacher if you can speak at the end of their class

6: Connect with your hairdresser or beautician and see if you can collaborate on a self love event

7: Reach out the local co-working space to see if you can offer a workshop

8: Speak to the mums outside the school gate

9: Start a motivational supper club

10: Start a walking or meditation group

You can be as creative as you wish. It’s all about building relationships and getting in front of people and then you start to build these four key elements;

1: Trust

2: Credibility

3: Likability

4: Desire

Which is when you can start talking about your services and how you can help people.

To find out more about my Become a Coach certification click here.

Or if you’re still not sure whether becoming a coach is evening right for you, I offer a free 30-minute ‘Is it right for me?’ call where I give you the chance to have all of your questions answered so that you have the clarity and direction you need to make a decision.

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