Your first step to writing your TED talk

Have you watched an inspiring TED talk and imagined yourself doing the same? Maybe it’s not as far off as you think?

It’s common for life coaches to also have a speaking career (although it’s not mandatory!) and many coaches go on to create signature talks that are seen on TED talk stages or other well known platforms.

If you hate public speaking and it’s making you nervous just thinking about it, but there is a little voice inside that wants to give it a go, stay with me, because this might just be exactly what you need to give you the confidence.

The reason many coaches end up becoming speakers is because they love motivating people and one way of connecting with potential clients is through delivering engaging talks and workshops that appeal to their potential client.

These talks can range from something you run in your living room, to being on stage and delivering a TED talk—the biggest of dreams usually start with a small first step.

During spring 2020 I was invited to deliver a TEDx talk for the Lenox Village Studio which you can find here (it was an online conference during covid). I have also spoken at Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place festival, OM Yoga festival, The Wedding Show, Love You Love Me and much more, but my first talk was for a fitness club in Ibiza who invited me to speak to their members.

I remember feeling excited and nervous all at the same time, but I loved it! Speaking has really helped me to hone my craft and crystallise my message. I must have spoken in public close to 100 times now and each time I learn something new about myself as a life coach and what I want to share with the world.

It’s for this reason that I include public speaking in my 12-month, ICF accredited life coach certification. At the end of the course you are invited to join my team and I in Ibiza for a weekend of celebrations and to speak in front of a live audience for our annual event, Alive.

This isn’t mandatory and I know that it may feel scary right now, however by the end of the 12 months, you’ll be itching to share your message with the world.

A moment that I will always treasure is seeing Alice, one of our students, speak at our event in 2022. When she started her training she was very open about being petrified of speaking in public. She shared how her hands got so clammy and it took her back to being a little girl and being made to feel stupid.

One of the reasons she signed up to the course was to overcome this fear and since speaking at Alive, she’s shared how much she now loves speaking and has even ran a number of her own workshops and talks since.

So if you dream of one day being a life coach and having a TED talk or speaking at a big event and motivating a large audience, your first step is to start your training so that you discover your message as a coach and then, of course, you will need to challenge yourself to do that very first talk.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can speak as part of my Become a Coach course that starts on May 7th – click here

Or if you’d prefer to chat it through, you can book a ‘Is It Right For Me?’ call by clicking here.


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