Psychic Messages and Channeling Spirit

Something extraordinary has been unfolding in my life recently, something so remarkable that I’ve kept it close to my heart, only sharing it with a select few friends whom I trust implicitly. But it’s led to receiving psychic messages and channeling spirit.

The last time I poured my heart out like this was back in November 2022 when I felt as though life had led me to a spiritual crossroads. 

After a regrettable financial decision, life presented me with an opportunity to change my trajectory. 

In that moment, I could only see two paths ahead: one of relentless pushing, and the other of surrender.

What’s important to note is that for at least a year leading up to that pivotal moment, I had been earnestly seeking a different way of living. 

Despite achieving significant success and living the life I had dreamed of—living in Ibiza, working on my own terms, changing lives for a living—I was grappling with the challenges of being a working mom, with extreme exhaustion because her son didn’t sleep, and feeling as though I carried the majority of responsibility in my relationship.

I had been showing up as Superwoman all the while, unknown to me at the time, I was functioning (highly) with postpartum depression and burnout.

I felt incredibly unsupported and adrift in this new chapter of my life. 

I remember distinctly turning to the universe and asking, “Universe, there must be another way.” 

This was the question that marked the beginning of a transformative journey.

Embracing my feminine energy became the catalyst for my deeper connection with the universe. 

The challenging experiences I faced were a result of living and performing from my masculine energy. It was, in fact, also where the financial decisions had come from.

This ultimately left me feeling drained and frustrated, which is why, at the point of my financial decision, which I mentioned earlier, I chose surrender over push and struggle.

During my surrender, I made a profound declaration to the universe: “You can take it all. Whatever needs to fall away, I’m okay with it. I’m willing to step aside and be a vessel for the mission and purpose I have here. Guide me, for I know nothing. Show me the way.”

I couldn’t quite believe what I was saying, but I meant every word.

The ensuing ten days were some of the most transformative of my life. I felt an indescribable sense of bliss coursing through my core, as if a never-ending wellspring of wellness had been tapped into. 

I temporarily halted all work commitments, despite the financial uncertainty, and instead turned to the beach, prayer, and introspection.

As I continued along this path, a recurring message that I had received during a mediations from years before kept resurfacing: I needed to simplify. 

Then, January 2023 arrived like a colossal wave, emotionally sweeping me off my feet. 

I was still grappling with the multifaceted grief stemming from the seperation of my family, my realisation of postpartum struggles, and my ex-partner’s involvement with someone who had been close to me.

I desperately wondered if 2023 would be yet another year of intense emotional processing. “Can I please move forward?” I pleaded.

One day, an Instagram post caught my attention—it featured Esther Hicks discussing a practice she calls “rampage” for 30 days, designed to transform one’s emotional state. 

I set my intention to embark on this journey and began my 30-day rampage. 

The process involves focusing on anything that brings joy and expressing it out loud, gradually expanding those positive emotions to other areas of life and the future.

I embraced this practice wholeheartedly. And as I did, I didn’t only start to feel happier; I was elevating myself to a state of ecstasy. 

Little did I know that this was merely the initial step of a profound inner journey and a connection to the spirit world that I could never have imagined.

One morning, while continuing my rampage and reaching a peak of emotional intensity, I noticed my right hand’s fingers spontaneously wiggling, as if I were playing the piano. 

Intrigued, I observed as my hand moved across my body, seemingly guided by its own consciousness. 

It would occasionally tap specific chakra points, such as my heart or throat chakra. 

I decided to trust the process and soon discovered that this phenomenon occurred every time I did my practice. 

With each occurrence, I delved deeper into my body, releasing energetic blockages in ways that defied natural movement.

At this stage, none of this felt overwhelming to me. 

I had experienced similar sensations during breathwork ceremonies and while working with plant medicines, which was a lot of the healing work that I did in 2022.

The more I allowed myself to be guided by energy and release the blockages I had held onto, the more I began to understand that these opportunities were not meant for me at that particular moment. 

I needed to undergo the journey that was unfolding before I could rocket back into my purpose and mission. 

During that winter, I wasn’t certain if I’d ever ignite any rockets again.

One significant aspect of my character that I permitted to wash away during my metaphysical “laundry” was my intense ambition. 

During the ten days when I experienced boundless bliss, I witnessed a veil come down—a filter through which I had presented myself as Lydia the ambitious, busy, successful woman. 

As I explored the emerging aspects of my true self month by month, delving deeper into the vast pool of my inner, non-physical world, remarkable things began to happen. 

In the coming weeks and months, I intend to share some of these experiences with you. 

These range from downloading the “queen code” and seeing this manifest right before my eyes whilst on a night out in Ibiza, to encountering seven blue-cloaked beings appear in my living room, receiving psychic messages for friends, and channeling the divine spirit.

I understand that this may sound overwhelming—it has certainly been an intense journey for me. 

You may be wondering if this is a journey you want to accompany me on, it’s only going to get wilder in the most wonderful way from here.

Things are shifting in my life, and my path may not align with everyone’s expectations.

Nevertheless, I hope you choose to stay because I have so much to offer you.

If you decide otherwise, I wish you all the best on your own unique journey.

I’ve gained a deep understanding of who I am and why I’m here, and it’s time to share this with the world.

In the near future, I will be offering unique sessions that draw upon the gifts that have awakened within me. 

But first, I want to continue sharing the magical and mystical moments in more detail.

So, things are going to start sounding a little different around here, but it’s still me—practical with a touch of goofiness.

I haven’t changed much, except that I now stand more firmly in my power and can guide you further along your own journey than ever before.

I’m excited about what lies ahead, and I hope you are too.

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