Do you often ask yourself “how can I be more positive”?


The main thing you want to achieve when working towards more positivity is to create a better inner dialogue. In doing so you will be able to shift your perception of something much more quickly!

The problem that most of us fall into is just that we are just not that aware enough in the moment when we are falling into a negative story.

We end up stuck in a situation in our minds, we pull that story around and around and we end up feeling angry, frustrated, jealous or annoyed and this really is not a healthy thing to do because we end up missing out on being present.


Here are 3 steps to help you be more positive on a daily basis.




The negative thoughts you are holding onto and allowing to churn around and around, just let them go.

Start replacing that dialogue with a simple prefix “What I want to think is” ….

Instead of meeting negativity with negativity, shake up those neuropathways & pull some positivity into the conversation. Start setting intentions for your mind to focus on, insert a vision, play it over & over and you will start to change that inner dialogue.




Do not rely solely on your mind for support; use your environment for constant visual support.

Write it on your mirror, write it on your fridge, put it on your laptop, get a wall sticker like I did that read “I am grateful” and I stuck that up; I just wanted it to be part of my DNA and it really worked so try it!




I ask people during The Happiness Reset; my 7-day programme as soon as you wake up, switch on! Create an early morning practice asking yourself what person do you want to be and what you want to do for that day and what you want to think. Automatic negative dialogue does not serve you and you must take care to be switched on every day.

So, ask yourself the following three questions every morning:

  • Who do I want to be today?
  • What is it that I want to think?
  • And what am I going to do to bring those things to life?

Simple as that, 5 minutes as soon as you wake up.


I am not positive every single day; however, there is positivity in me all of the time!


I have a choice in any given moment to choose a different dialogue; to change my perception and through constant work, I am mastering switching into a more positive mindset, but we are human and sometimes things just piss us off.

If you know that maybe you could be more positive then it is probably a sign that the relationship you have with yourself needs some work.

When you start to work on the relationship you have with yourself amazing things happen!!





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