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“Prior to working with Lydia I felt lost in my own world that I had created. I had worked so hard over the previous 6 years to forge out a life for myself that I had always dreamed of. I was a Director of a well-respected London business, had a beautiful country Surrey home, married to an amazing guy and have a beautiful daughter. So how come I felt so lost and out of place in the environment I had created. I had this feeling that I was meant to be doing something else and giving back but I just couldn’t figure out what it was. I stumbled across Lydia in a publication and it was like a sign that I had to get in touch! Since working with Lydia I have had the confidence to change my life drastically and understand exactly what it was that I wanted to do and achieve. The life I had created before was almost like a postcard and someone else’s dream, yet working with Lydia helped me establish what the little voice inside was telling me. I left my corporate job yet managed to agree to work freelance for them, retrained as a Personal Trainer and Life coach. Launched my own business, helping woman achieve a positive mindset around their body and adopt a healthy approach to diet and exercise. We moved to be closer to family and now get to see them every week and they can enjoy seeing our daughter grow up and now I’m also training to be a yoga teacher. I had always lived life in the fast lane, working long hours, sacrificing time with my daughter, family and friends. Yet now I get to do something I am truly passionate about that comes from the heart, I still get to make the most of my drive and ambition yet spend time with those I love the most. The word balance for me didn’t exist before and whilst I have still not mastered this, it is something that is much more present in my life, meaning I can live in the moment more.”

Life Coach

“Lydia is amazingly skilled in asking exactly the right questions, prompting you to start formulating your own answers. It was through this conversation that I was finally able to (be willing to), let go of things I was holding onto for no good reason. I am feeling that creative buzz more than ever now! Lydia is a fantastic conduit & facilitator and I would not hesitate to book another session with her.”

Editor in Chief, Ibiza Inside

“Lydia helped me to be my positive and confident self at a time where I was worried about how the future was going to work out. I never would have considered working with a life coach before but now I know that it’s about bringing out your best and that’s what Lydia helped me to do.”

Owner, Anti Slip – London

“I have been starting my own business and I’ve really needed the support Lydia has shown me. Having Lydia there has really empowered me to get things up and running. My membership continues to make me feel more confident which has been priceless to my personal and professional development.”

Yoga & Pilates Instructor – London

“I was feeling very tired in my life but Lydia helped myself to focus on me, and made me realise that I had been under-valuing myself. Now, I feel like I have a newfound clarity and feel really excited about my future.”

Owner, TS Properties – Scotland

“I wake up with excitement each day because I’ve started my own business, which I never would have dreamt I could do before.”

Founder, Pragmatic PA – Spain

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