Who makes a great life coach?

If you’re wondering who makes a great life coach and whether you have what it takes, there’s one quality I look for in those who want to do my course.

The truth is, life coaching isn’t for everyone, it takes a certain kind of person, the kind of person who believes in people and who loves seeing others succeed and be their best. Watch this 3-minute video to discover what the one quality is and whether you fit into the three types of people who decide to my course.

What makes a great life coach is your ability to see someone’s potential when they can’t and being able to listen and hear what’s not being said.

A great life coach lives for growth, change and progression. They live for helping others and being of service.

Many coaches have their own super power. Mine? I was put on earth to help people believe in themselves. I get straight to the source of what is holding you back and then reprogramme you with unshakeable self belief. I also only know this because I have over 4000 hours of experience and have been in the industry since 2010. Experience taught me this.

I was once unsure of what coaching was, whether it was for me and if I would be good enough. But I took the leap and put my training on a credit card. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

I know that it can be overwhelming looking for the right life coach certification course or even to be sure that becoming a life coach is right for you which is why I offer a free 30-minute ‘Is it right for me?’ call where I give you the chance to have all of your questions answered so that you have the clarity and direction you need to make the right decision.

Click here to book your free ‘Is it right for me?’ call with me now.


To find out more about my Become a Coach certification click here.


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