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The Power Of Curiosity.

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Curiosity is a powerful force that propels us to explore, learn, and grow. As a life coach, cultivating curiosity within yourself is not only essential for your personal development but…

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What it’s like becoming a life coach

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If you’re wondering what it’s like going from full time employment to becoming a life coach, watch this Instagram live with myself and Happiness Explorer partner and life coach Haydan…

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How To Uncover Your Core Values

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These core values guide your actions, decisions, and relationships and help you stay aligned with your beliefs and principles. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of knowing your values,…

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Your first step to writing your TED talk

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Have you watched an inspiring TED talk and imagined yourself doing the same? Maybe it’s not as far off as you think? It’s common for life coaches to also have…

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Who makes a great life coach?

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If you’re wondering who makes a great life coach and whether you have what it takes, there’s one quality I look for in those who want to do my course.…

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3 Mistakes Life Coaches Make When Choosing Their Training

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It was 2016 and many coaches were getting in touch with me asking me to coach them because they could see the success I had created with my online business…

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