Selfie Acceptance

How to start loving yourself in photos

If I had a pound for every person who has ever said to me “I hate having my photo taken – I always look terrible in them”, I’d have hung up my camera long ago and would be sat on a tropical beach with Brad Pitt serving me Cheetos off of a golden platter.

And I get it. I am in no way immune to focusing on my flaws as opposed to my fabulousness when looking at photos of myself – have you seen the size of my forehead??

But it’s time it stopped. Not just for me, but for anyone who has ever spoken negatively about themselves when looking at photos.

Selfie Acceptance – How to start loving yourself in photos – By Sally Wright (centre)

So here are 3 things you can do right now to flip that script and start liking what you see in your photos:


Are you aware of the language you’re using to describe yourself? Has it become so normal to be derogatory about your appearance that you don’t even notice yourself doing it? Awareness is the first step toward change so catch yourself doing it and stop before you get lost down the rabbit hole of being mean to yourself.


What would you do if you heard your daughter/sister/wife/niece/friend saying horrible things when they looked at a photo of themselves? I’d hazard a guess you’d a) disagree with what they were saying and/or b) offer them reassurance and kind words. So set the example you want for them. Be kind to yourself. Kids in particular are listening to our every word and I’m sure you wouldn’t want them picking up your self-critical habits.


Let’s get real. It’s unlikely you’re going to go from “oh my God, look at my hair” to “Wow, I am looking pretty damn fine in that photo” overnight. It’s a process.

But once you’ve become aware of the horrible things you’re saying about yourself, STOP and try this little trick I learnt from the wonderful photographer and mentor, Wendy Yalom:

Next time you look at a photo of yourself, find as many NICE things to say about what you see.

You might only manage a “my nail varnish was on point that day” or “man, my ankles look great in that photo” at first, but keep practising and you’ll find more and more things to appreciate about yourself the more you look.

I’m on a mission to get more people loving what they see in their photos so I hope these top tips help you. Let me know.

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