Take This 1 Powerful Step To Overcome Fear and Change Your Career.

Making the choice to change your career can feel scary and I often see people become very stuck in this transition because of the fear they are feeling—but it doesn’t have to be this way.

All of the fear that shows up when you want to change your career can trick you into believing a lot of things that are not true, which can then sabotage the positive action you take.

For example this fear can make you believe that:

  • You don’t know what you want next
  • You’re too old to make any changes
  • You will fail at what you do next
  • You won’t have enough money
  • You could lose everything
  • People will think you’re crazy

And so much more. 

All of these beliefs will then cause you to procrastinate, or make yourself too busy, or feel over tired and confused, so that you don’t take any steps to move yourself forward.

And it’s because people miss this one important step first—it’s not to hand your notice in. 

In fact, I helped my client move out of exhaustion and overwhelm by working with him to take this step and when he did, his eyes welled up with relief because it was such a huge weight off of his shoulders.

He is a lawyer and he wants to be in the music industry, but this wasn’t about cancelling all of his clients today, oh no, that wouldn’t be the best idea as a father and husband who supports his family.

This was about an internal shift that would help stop procrastination and bring forward his desire much more quickly and with much more ease.

What holds people back from actually changing their career is that before they give themselves full permission to want to change their career, they start thinking about how they are going to make it work.

When you jump straight into asking yourself how questions (which usually at this stage, you won’t have all of the answers for) you can end up over thinking things which leaves you stressed, overwhelmed and blocked by fear.

The lack of having all of the answers can lead you to believe that you can’t do it or that it will be hard, so it becomes easier to think of all of the reasons why it won’t be possible for you.

The first step, before you start thinking about how you’re going to do it—HOW stands for Holding Onto Worry—is to say YES!

You have to be a 100% YES to giving this to yourself—two feet in. Not a ‘yes but…’ or a ‘maybe soon…’, it has to be ‘YES! I want this and I’m ready!’

You need to have given yourself full permission to desire this change. And this is an internal energetic shift—it’s not action you take.

This internal shift arrives when you see with clarity all of the things you are believing about yourself and your situation that are not true. Then being willing to say yes to unashameably wanting what you want, without knowing how it will work out.

It’s when you say ‘I don’t know how I’m gonna do it, but I am just gonna do it’. This is when your energy changes. You’re no longer in fear, you’re in excitement, freedom and courage.

YES stands for Your Energy Surges. With this new found energy you can say goodbye to overwhelm, confusion and procrastination and hello to radical positive action.

Maybe you want to change your career because you feel like there’s more out there for you but you haven’t got the clarity or confidence you need to take action yet?

If so, I can help you to fearlessly figure out what it is you want next and start moving towards it.

I’m direct when it comes to getting to the source of what’s holding you back in your life and just 60-minutes with me will unlock the self-belief and courage you need to take action. Plus the relief and joy you’ll experience with this clarity lasts long after session, giving you much more motivation to be courageous.

I no longer have availability for my 10-day Power Partnership but you can now book my Power Hour One-to-One Session, where we’ll work together to give you the tools and steps you need to take radical positive action.

You can book your Power Hour One-to-One Session with me now, it’s super simple to schedule—just click here.

In 60-minutes I’ll quickly uncover what you’re thinking that’s secretly sabotaging you from taking action so that you feel confident making a plan to leave your job and start doing something that you love.

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