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How to get what you really want out of life

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Have you been feeling stuck for a long time now, knowing that you want change but just don’t know what to do next? Ok, there is only one reason that…

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3 Tips To Not Fail At Your Morning Routine

3 Tips To Not Fail At Your Morning Routine

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So, the morning routine…   You probably see many coaches, yogi’s and fitness professionals sharing their morning routine. Getting up early and doing a number of practices that they attribute…

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how to meditate for beginners

5 Meditation Tips for Beginners (who have a really busy mind)

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Do you have a really busy mind and struggling to meditate? Are you feeling like you just can’t do it? Don’t worry. I think most people feel like this when…

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3 Hacks To Permanently Avoid Hangovers (and still be the life and soul of the party)

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Are you excited about the lockdown measures being lifted but also nervous about all of the drinking? Have you enjoyed not being hungover so much and wondering how to still…

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